Stop Press!

Major new development – we have a publisher on board.  Nothing signed or concrete as yet but Vertebrate Publishing are very keen to work with us and seem as enthusiastic as we are about our vision for the book.  This is really great news, and takes us into a new phase of the book’s development.  It’s a massive, unwieldy project and is getting to the stage where project management input, technical guidance and commercial drive are required to make it a reality.  Also, despite the Biblical rains, we’ve been making some great progress with pictures and contributors – isn’t Flickr a wonderful thing? 🙂

I’m hopefully off to feather the holds of some Big Stones this weekend coming – camera at the ready, of course.  Engagingly, I’ve discovered that there are only 5 of the crags included in the book that I’ve never climbed.  So, I’m on a mission to sort that out as soon as practically possible – I have to say i’m looking forward to it! It’s nice to think that the book is inspiring action even before it’s published; that’s what it’s all about really 🙂

If you’ve not come across Vertebrate before, check them out – – very inspiring bunch.

Cheers, Guy


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