Off to Skye

I’ve not posted for a while, but going to sort that now and get stuck back into the book this summer.  Work, family and, of course, climbing, as well as an apparent inability to say “no” to other bits and bobs have stifled any serious activity around the book over the past year or so.  However, some progress has been made, particularly around the photography which is undoubtedly the most challenging bit.  Please please please get in touch if you think you have images that might do the crags and climbs justice, and you’d be happy for us to use!

It’s off to Skye this weekend, for a funeral, unfortunately (in Glenelg).  Susie’s Grannie has finally passed away.  She apparently drifted off peacefully, and free of pain or stress.  With a view of the Skye hills from her room window, I guess she was lucky.  I don’t think I’ve ever known a human being so continuously warm, happy and affectionate.  Rest in peace Bella, you’ll be with us always.

The plan – hopefully – is to try and steal a wee solo mission on East Buttress as the sun comes round onto the crag on Monday evening.  The forecast is for a big fat sun and a dry, cool breeze.  Although I won’t be climbing anything hard, the absence of the rope, and the anticipated solitude has got my top notch twitching.  I sense a magic moment.  Hopefully our local cameraman will get a chance to pop up from the south end of the island and take some pictures for the book – now wouldn’t that be something special.

If he doesn’t make it, something tells me I won’t be complaining.


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